Fabrics & Trimmings

Fabric is a tactile expression of ourselves. Color, Pattern and Texture can define the spaces in which we live, work and play.

ITC strives to offer an array of options of textile fibers such as cotton, wool, silk and performance blends.
We maintain an expansive library of Solids, Prints, Damasks, Jacquards, Woven Patterns and new categories such as Faux Leathers and Metallics.

Our staff, educated and experienced in working with fabrics, are ready to offer suggestions that will enhance your design concept and work within your client’s budget.

Decorative Trims, such as braids, tapes, cording and tassels can be the punctuation that completes your design story.
ITC offers opulent trims with extravagant details as well as the latest trends to include unexpected materials such as colorful buttons, and wood or glass beads.

We want to help you with your presentations. Please contact us to request samples.

Our Fabric and Trimming Lines

For questions about fabric and trimming, please contact Danna at 210-494-1602 ext. 211 or Heather at 210-494-1602 ext.206